Tran-Q (Atarax) Marketing Information

Tran-Q is sold in pharmcies as "Atarax". It is also possible to purchase Atarax in online store. Usually it doesn't require doctor's receipt. Tran-Q also can be sold as: Hydroxyzine, Alamon, Aterax, Durrax, Orgatrax, Quiess, Vistaril Parenteral, Tranquizine.

Tran-Q (Atarax) General Information

Order Tran-Q Online no Prescription It is primarily used for the treatment of itches and irritations, as an antiemetic for the reduction of nausea, as a weak analgesic by itself and as an opioid potentiator, and as an anxiolytic for the treatment of anxiety.

Tran-Q (Atarax) Recommendations

Follow the directions for taking this medicine provided by your doctor. Take Tran-Q exactly as directed.

The usual dosage for adults on Tran-Q for anxiety is 50 mg to 100 mg four times per day.

Tran-Q (Atarax) Precautions

Tell your doctor before taking Tran-Q, if:

you have liver, kidney, prostate or stomach problems;
you have epilepsy, porphyria (a blood disorder) or glaucoma;
you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Tran-Q (Atarax) Ingredients

Active ingredient: hydroxyzine.

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