For parents who want to get their children away from the television or computer screen, Play It Again Sports has a simple solution: Make exercise a family affair.

"Many people, both young and old, struggle with getting into a fitness routine," said Pat Quinn, director of Play it Again Sports. "But, when people partner up to exercise with a friend or relative, they often find it easier and more enjoyable to get in the habit of breaking a sweat."

Quinn is encouraging people to make exercise a group activity in honor of Family Health Month, which takes place this October. And, for those families who are looking to get fit without the commitment and expense of a gym membership, Quinn says that putting together a home gym can be both practical and fun.

For families interested in taking an affordable approach to family fitness, Quinn recommends following these tips:

- Opt for Cardio Sports - Activities like basketball, soccer and touch football burn a lot of calories and do not require lots of equipment. These team sports are also a great way of getting all members of the family involved.

- Vary Your Routine - Your family, especially younger-aged children, will be less likely to get bored or injured if you incorporate different types of exercise into your routine. Try playing catch or kicking around a soccer ball one day and perhaps playing a team sport the next.

- Buy Used Gear - Trading in sports equipment that you're not currently using is a great way to save money and stock up on items for your home gym. If your children are no longer playing a particular sport or have grown out of certain equipment, opt to trade in the goods instead of throwing them away.

At Play It Again Sports retailers, people can stock up on gear and equipment for a wide range of fitness activities. Families can trade in their used sports goods for cash or new goods, allowing them to supply the entire family with equipment without breaking the bank.

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