The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has announced Pierre M. Ronco (Hopital Tenon, Paris France) as the 2007 winner of the ISN Jean Hamburger Award, and Rashad Barsoum (Cairo Kidney Center, Egypt) as recipient of the Roscoe R. Robinson Award.

Established by ISN in 1986 to recognize outstanding contributions to nephrology with clinical emphasis, the 2007 Jean Hamburger Award pays tribute to Pierre Ronco's groundbreaking work in several fields of clinical and translational nephrology particularly in the area of pathomechanisms of glomerular disease including monoclonal gammophathies and particularly the role of alloimmunization in the pathogenesis of glomerulonephrtis and allograft rejection. Receiving the award, Ronco acknowledged the work of the French renal community as well as the support of leading figures within the ISN,

"It is indeed a somewhat disturbing and humbling experience to look through the list of previous awardees, all prestigious nephrologists whom I admired and I am still admiring enormously. I deeply feel that there are so many among you including the Francophone renal community who are equally, or so much more deserving… this honor is primarily meant for the French School of Nephrologists. I am proud to accept this award on their behalf and also on that of the many fellows and collaborators who have nurtured our research projects over the last 30 years."

The 2007 Roscoe R. Robinson Award, established in 2005 recognizes Rashad Barsoum's tireless efforts and work educating nephrologists in the developing world and beyond, as well as his research of excellence that has advanced nephrology and medicine. Since his early career days as resident - when the kidney within his training environment was little more than a chapter in the cardiology text book - his mission has been to transfer the then new branch of medicine that is nephrology across boarders and boundaries to further the field in emerging countries. Accepting his Award, Barsoum commented,

"This Award represents the ultimate in appreciation for many years' work aimed at patients in collaboration with numerous dedicated colleagues. Receiving the Award is one of the most precious moments of my career. I am honored to have my name associated with three giants, Ike Robinson, John Dirks and Pierre Ronco who just received the Jean Hamburger Award during this session. I am overwhelmed to be associated with this group."


The International Society of Nephrology is a not-for-profit society whose mission is the global advancement of nephrology. The Society promotes research and education to prevent and treat kidney disease throughout the world. Further information is available at: isn-online.

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