On Sunday 22 November BVA President Prof Bill Reilly, Past-President Nicky Paull and BVA Secretary General Henrietta Alderman met with Dr Mir and six of his colleagues in the proposed veterinary union to share information and discuss the current work of the BVA and the additional member services currently planned to provide further support to members.

Last year Dr Mir suggested through the veterinary media that there is a need for a veterinary union in the UK. As Dr Mir has never been a member of the BVA, earlier this year Nicky Paull (then BVA President) wrote to him to outline the main services provided to BVA members and the support available for members experiencing employment difficulties. In the letter Mrs Paull offered to meet with Dr Mir to discuss the issues further.

Much of the discussion at the meeting focused on the difficulties faced by some vets and nurses in practice and there was acknowledgement from all who attended that work can and should be done to support these individuals.

Commenting after the meeting, BVA President Prof Bill Reilly said:

"I'm very pleased that we have had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Mir and discuss these important issues. It was an informal meeting where we were all able to talk about the work we are doing and future plans.

"Dr Mir and his colleagues do have valid concerns about the treatment that some vets and nurses face in employment. The BVA recognises these problems and our Members Services Group has been working over the last couple of years to investigate new services to tackle these issues.

"We will be able to announce more about these exciting initiatives in the New Year and believe they will provide additional support for our members."

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