Diltiazem Ointment (Diltiazem Cream) Marketing Information

Diltiazem Ointment is sold in pharmcies as "Diltiazem Cream". It is also possible to purchase Diltiazem Cream in online store. Usually it doesn't require doctor's receipt. Diltiazem Ointment also can be sold as: .

Diltiazem Ointment (Diltiazem Cream) General Information

Order Diltiazem Ointment Online no Prescription Diltiazem in the form of topical cream is used for the treatment of anal fissures.

Diltiazem Ointment (Diltiazem Cream) Recommendations

Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor. Use Diltiazem cream exactly as directed.

Dilitiazem cream is usually applied to the problem area twice a day. The duration of treatment is approximately 8-12 weeks.

Avoid getting constipated by eating a high fibre diet and drinking plenty of fluids.

Diltiazem Ointment (Diltiazem Cream) Ingredients

Active ingredient: diltiazem.

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